35 Friday Night Dinner Ideas The Whole Family Will Love

35 Friday Night Dinner Ideas The Whole Family Will Love

By the time Friday night rolls around, we could all use some fun and easy ideas for dinnertime. Before you rush to grab those take-out menus (we get it), take a minute to think about pulling together a homemade supper that might take you less time than ordering from your favorite pizza joint. 

For this list, we’ve gathered some of our favorite comforting dinners that will satisfy everyone in the family. From barbecue chicken pizza to sheet pan fajitas, we’ve got something that everyone will love. Whether you are hosting a sleepover, a grown-up dinner party, or just dining solo, you’ll be pleased with all of these delicious options.

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With plenty of spice and a whole lot of fresh flavor, these are going to become a weekly staple. The best part is that they’re ready in 20 minutes.

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There’s something about a sheet pan dinner that just makes life so much easier. Covered with feta, kalamata olives, lemon and more, this Greek Chicken is just too good.

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There’s nothing like a delicious steak supper to start your weekend off right. Drizzled with an elegant herb sauce and served with a side of roasted potatoes, it’s the perfect bite.

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Taco night is always a great idea. This recipe is perfect for a party with kids or a movie night with a few girlfriends.

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Head to your grocery store and pick up some pre-made pizza dough to make this Friday night special.

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This easy dinner is ready in minutes and can easily feed a crowd. With mushrooms, heavy cream, and a whole lot of cheese, it’s like comfort on a plate.

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Easy? Check. Delicious? Check. Need we say more? We use the no-boil lasagna which takes out an entire step in this go-to recipe.

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Transform grocery store chicken tenders in this fresh Fried Chicken Salad. The hardest part is making the dressing, and that only takes a few minutes.

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Bacon, Parmesan, herbed cheese, some tomato and a little bit of panko bread crumbs come together to make a dinner that you won’t be able to get enough of.

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It’s time to stir things up – literally! This Shrimp Stir-Fry will become a new favorite for Friday nights, and any night. The best part? It freezes like a dream so you can enjoy it for days to come.

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This Southern spin on a burger is just what a long week calls for. Our Test Kitchen suggests serving on a brioche bun.

Add fresh pineapples and pulled pork to your quesadillas to start your weekend off on the best note.

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The magic formula to this sheet pan dinner involves a protein, a veggie, and a side. Yes, it’s that simple. This flavorful dinner is perfect when you want something to come together perfectly all at once.

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Ranch seasoning is the secret ingredient to almost any Southern recipe, from Ranch Snacker Crackers to dips. For this one-of-a-kind recipe, ranch takes pork to the next level.

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If your Friday night plans involve watching your favorite movie curled up on the sofa, these nachos are the perfect pairing for those plans. In just a half-an-hour, you’ll have a cheesy meal that’s even better than movie-theater popcorn.

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From pasta to crusty bread, this sauce is the ideal starting point to a romantic Friday night at home.

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Lighten up with this bright and flavorful salad. We used rotisserie chicken to make this recipe even more simple to assemble.

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If you want something that you can have all weekend long, this is the dish for you. Serve with some grocery store chicken tenders and some veggies for the perfect crowd pleaser.

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From cheesy goodness to healthy vegetables, dig into comfort in a bowl. One reviewer says, “This is a winner,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Southern Living

If you love the classic sandwich, then you won’t want to miss the casserole that was made for Friday night.

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Breakfast for dinner is a good Friday night dinner move when you’re in a real food slump.

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If you’re tired of the turkey and veggie options, bring this Salmon Burger into your weeknight dinner rotation.

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More is more and we are here for it. This old-school classic screams Friday night dinner and will have everyone requesting seconds.

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Meatloaf is always a family favorite, but this recipe adds just a little extra spice to keep dinner extra interesting. Serve it up with creamy mashed potatoes and fresh green beans.

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Creamy, cheesy, and smothered with flavor. If you’re bored of tacos, this is a fresh, unfussy idea that will surprise all of your dinner guests.

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A hearty soup filled with Southern favorites (baby lima beans, okra), and made for serving at book club or taking to the neighborhood potluck.

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Break out the fried pork chops for a Friday night dinner that pulls out all of the stops.

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Foil packet dinners are just more fun. There, we said it. Try this packet that’s filled with bright cherry tomatoes and other zesty flavors.

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Everyone loves pasta night. Frozen meatballs are magically transformed into this spectacular pasta bake.

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If you have leftover rice from a dinner earlier in the week, toss them in this recipe with some fresh or frozen shrimp.

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For the home cook that still wants to serve a well-balanced and delicious supper, bring together crispy chicken, green beans, and sweet potato wedges that are crispy and delicious.

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This casserole has long been the staple of Southern dinner tables, and for good reason. Dig in and let the creamy, cheesy goodness be the perfect end to a long week.

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For a healthier version of everyone’s favorite macaroni and cheese, try this recipe that brings in kale and more.

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Burrito bowls let the whole family get creative. Choose your favorite protein, add hot sauce, salsa, and let everyone have some fun.

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