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AIM launches into 2023 leading the tech training field for Nebraska and Iowa serving nearly 6,000 participants. The Midwest region’s tech community is full of opportunity, with many exciting and growing companies. But like most tech communities in the United States, the Silicon Prairie suffers from a scarcity of talent, lacks diversity, and has a high barrier to entry.

The tech educational and service continuum is disconnected. At the same time, thousands of high-paying jobs go unfilled in the region. Paradoxically, many underrepresented individuals struggle to earn a living.

AIM is an essential contributor to economic development in the Omaha area and beyond. Developing, growing, and retaining local tech talent is critical to the success of Heartland companies and entrepreneurs.

AIM promotes diversity, equity and inclusion in the tech sector by making outstanding educational opportunities and career training accessible to all, from elementary school through adulthood. Over the past year, AIM’s programs saw the following outcomes:

Recent Highlights:

Omaha nonprofit AIM Institute hosted an Hour of Code event this past Monday, Dec. 19, at Woodrow Wilson Middle School in Council Bluffs, Iowa. More than 900 students participated in coding-related activities to spark creativity and problem-solving skills to prepare students for a rewarding tech career.

The biggest outreach initiative for AIM in 2022, the Hour of Code is the largest educational global movement introducing tens of millions of students worldwide to computer science, inspiring kids to learn more, break stereotypes and leaving them feeling empowered towards tech.

Hour of Code offers hundreds of one-hour activities in over 48 languages for youth. Coding activities feature pop culture topics such as Minecraft, Star Wars, Disney’s Frozen, Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies.

To further AIM’s mission of growing a strong and diverse tech talent community through education, career development and outreach, events such as Hour of Code align with AIM’s Youth in Tech programs it implements year round. To shape tomorrow’s diverse tech workforce, the Youth in Tech programs spark an interest in technology careers by building a foundation for success that shows students the possibilities of high-wage, high-skill, high-demand tech careers. Events like Hour of Code are the youths’ first step into opening the door to the possibilities of their potential in tech.

AIM believes in providing individuals, including underrepresented populations, with tech skills, community connections and personal development to close the gap on the tech professions shortage.


Through education, career development, and outreach, the non-profit AIM Institute has fostered the growth of Omaha’s tech sector for more than 30 years. This annual awards ceremony and fundraiser will support AIM’s programs, which make outstanding educational opportunities and career training accessible to everyone.

AIM plays a critical role in developing talent to serve local companies and entrepreneurs, meeting the unique needs of each tech professional and contributing to the growth of our local economy.

HDC 2023 is leading the path once again with 2022 the host of almost 800 developers from throughout the Heartland. AIM’s annual Heartland Developers Conference has been providing world-class content to the Silicon Prairie developer community for over 15 years.

The 2023 event will be hosted at CHI Health Center, and promises to provide attendees with an immersive experience. Individuals will experience keynote speakers, breakout sessions, an exhibitor hall, and numerous networking opportunities.

A highly technical event, the conference attracts skilled individuals who are leading the industry forward. For two days, experts share the latest knowledge, demonstrate new techniques and build understanding.

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