Aussie jobseeker’s fury over ‘extremely illegal’ questions on job application sparks angry response on Reddit

Aussie jobseeker’s fury over ‘extremely illegal’ questions on job application sparks angry response on Reddit

A Sydney jobseeker has been urged to “name and shame” a prospective employer who asked a series of “extremely illegal” questions.

Sharing on Reddit, the applicant said they had been sent a questionnaire to complete before an upcoming interview with a “large company”.

In their post, the jobseeker said they were alarmed by several of the questions.

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“Just got a “pre-interview questionnaire” for a Sydney-based position,” the wrote. “Highlighted questions are extremely illegal, right?”

The questions that sparked the concern included asking for the applicant’s marital status and the number of and ages of children they may have.

In another dubious question, the employer asked: “Do you need to discuss your career move with your partner/family member/other before making a final decision?”

The Sydney jobseeker was given this ‘pre-interview questionnaire’ by a ‘large company’. Credit: Reddit

The applicant said they’d been left speechless over the “totally dodgy” questionnaire.

“Honestly shocked that a company this big would pull this shizz,” they said.

“This isn’t an independent shop, this is a large company. Even more shocking.”

The jobseeker added that they “will report them to Fair Work, I am shocked”.

Under the Fair Work Act of 2009, it is unlawful for an employer to use information obtained in an interview process to discriminate against you.

This information includes marital status, family responsibilities and pregnancy.

The Reddit user was alarmed by several of the questions, which have been circled in red. Credit: Reddit

Many Reddit suggested that it was a “red flag” that the employer was asking questions of this nature.

“So basically, the only reason an employer would ask such questions is because they’re intending to use that information to discriminate against you,” said one.

Another wrote: “It’s not illegal to ask these questions, but it is illegal to discriminate based on your answers to these questions for most jobs most of the time. Sensible employers don’t ask, so that they are protected from people accusing them of discrimination.”

Others commented that it was also inappropriate for the employer to ask whether the applicant is “expecting offers from any other company” and has “any outstanding study or personal loans with your current employer”.

‘Red flags everywhere’

“Red flags everywhere,” said one. “[Questions] 18,19 and 20 are just straight up illegal – report them to Fairwork.

“[Questions] five and 11 are none of their business.”

Many were appalled by the questionnaire, and urged the jobseeker to take action.

“It’s awesome when a potential employer waves the red flags before the interview,” one responded.

Another said. “ My dad always used to say: Remember interviews are a two-way street.”

Said one more: “Don’t just run, report them. Other vulnerable people might not know that this is illegal or have the option to run.”

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