“Can I please have Robux instead of money?”: Saint West Has No Use of Kim Kardashian’s $1.8B Lifestyle, Prefers To Live the Simple Life By Asking for Roblox Money Instead of Mommy’s Cash


When it comes to a lavish lifestyle, Kim Kardashian is one of the people who enjoy it with the help of millions of her fortune. And she can pretty much get anything expensive for her loved ones without any second thought. However, the recent request to the tooth fairy by Kim K’s son Saint shows how kids will always be kids no matter how rich their family is. Roblox is a game popular among children aged 6-12. And it is exactly what the 7-year-old wanted as after losing his teeth he requested the tooth fairy to gift him Robux (money in Roblox world). Nothing fancy there! And the SKIMS founder acting as the tooth fairy granted her son’s wish and shared it via her Instagram account. The sweet mother-son interaction has sure melted people’s hearts.

Saint West’s Request to the Tooth Fairy

Saint West

Recently, Kim Kardashian and her ex-husband Kanye West’s son Saint West (7) lost a tooth. Sweetly, Kim K shared the whole story about wish-granting tooth fairies and children. According to her, the 7-year-old had been eagerly waiting for the tooth fairy. He even wrote a little note to the fairy expressing what he desires. And just like any child of his age, Saint West did not ask for any expensive stuff which his mother could buy for him. But instead, his message was, “Can I please have Robux instead of [money]”?

Kim Kardashian IG post
Kim Kardashian’s IG post

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Robux is an online gaming currency specific to the gaming platform Roblox. And the game is known to be very popular among kids these days. No wonder it was what the 7-year-old wished for.

Moreover, just like any parent in this situation, Kim K had to become the tooth fairy for her son and grant his wish. She followed up with another post where she granted the wish by writing back a message as the tooth fairy. And the mother of 4 also added a 2 dollar bill along with the Roblox gift card. This sweet moment goes on to show that children are simple-minded when it comes to material stuff.

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Kim Kardashian and Saint West’s Mother-Son Moment

Kim Kardashian and Saint West
Kim Kardashian and Saint West

One another time that Kim Kardashian shared such a sweet moment with her son was in a month earlier. During the holiday season, Kim K enjoyed some special moments with Saint West. She also shared pictures of her bonding time with him. The SKIMS founder posted several pictures where the mother and son could be seen wearing matching pajamas and snuggling together. She captioned it with a very short, ” night! “ in between two black hearts. In one picture she embraced her 7-year-old and in another both faced towards the camera, Saint West with a straight face while Kim K with a smiley face.

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