Coloreel partners with fashion brand Gina Tricot

Coloreel partners with fashion brand Gina Tricot

Coloreel – a Swedish on-demand technology provider from embroidery thread colouration– has partnered with Gina Tricot to personalise new and loved clothing with Coloreel’s colour embroidery technology.

As a part of its Creative Studio initiative to offer more sustainable ways for customers to stay on-trend with upcycling and personalisation, the Swedish fashion brand Gina Tricot will launch an on-demand embroidery studio in itsBorås flagship store.

Coloreel will install one of its instant thread colouring units at Gina Tricot in Pallashuset.

Customers can choose their favourite design from a selection of Coloreel ready embroideries and have their chosen clothing item embroidered in-store within a matter of minutes.

“The opportunity to explore Coloreel’s innovative technology with our customers in-store is an amazing opportunity for us at Gina Tricot. We believe that technology like Coloreel will play a big part in our industry from a sustainability perspective going forward, and we are very proud to be a part of that journey,” commented Emma Garrote, Global Production & Sustainability Manager at Gina Tricot.

“We’re excited about our partnership with Gina Tricot. This is one of the first opportunities Swedish consumers will have to experience Coloreel’s instant thread colouring technology live in a retail environment. There is an increasing consumer demand for personalised and customised clothing. With in-store on-demand embroidery, Coloreel can bring true value to Gina Tricot’s customers,” said Elin Wengström, VP Marketing and Communication at Coloreel.

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