Debate as Spouse Demands Husband Gets a 2nd Job To Fund Their Lifestyle

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To combat the cost of living crisis, a frustrated wife and mother has asked if she is being unreasonable for wanting her husband to pick up some extra cash by delivering food.

User Stackss explained: “Like everyone at the moment, we are struggling a bit with the cost of living.” She went on to say that although they “aren’t poor by any means (both in middle class jobs) but [to be honest] we have overstretched ourselves with our mortgage and private school for 2 DC [dear children].”

A survey from June 2022, cited by CBS, found that three quarters of middle-income Americans report that their earnings weren’t enough to pay for their cost of living in the U.S.

The Mumsnet user went on to explain that their husband has always had his head in the sand when it comes to finances, “not willing to countenance any budget cuts such as looking at cheaper areas or state schools…WIBU [Would it be unreasonable] to tell DH [Dear husband] he will need to get out on his bike and do food deliveries for Deliveroo and Uber Eats to bring in funds if he isn’t willing to cut back?”

Crunching the numbers. Stock image. A recent survey found that three quarters of middle-income Americans report that their earnings aren’t enough to pay for their cost of living in the U.S.
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Clinical psychologist and author Dr. Chloe Carmichael told Newsweek: “While I certainly understand this woman’s frustration, and I actually agree with the principle of recognizing the need to reconcile income and expenses, I do think communication is key when discussing this tricky subject.

“This is a case of, ‘It’s not what you say, but how you say it.’ For example, instead of telling him to get out on his bike and do Uber Eats, she might say, ‘Honey I really appreciate that you want our family to live in a nice home and for our children to attend great schools. I know it’s hard to face, but unfortunately this is not affordable for us right now. How would you feel about taking a second job if sustaining these expenses is really essential for our family in your view?’ Money can be one of the worst stressors in a relationship, and honesty and open communication are the best tools for managing the issue.”

Splits Opinion

User abracady said, “And stop the private schooling for a start!” while BelleMarionette criticized the woman’s technique saying, “Deliveroo is unlikely to bring in enough. Besides, tell him??! You sound pretty controlling.”

Another user pointed out: “You really won’t earn enough to make a difference. It makes a difference to people struggling to feed their children, not to afford private school. You have plenty of money, you’re just spending it all.”

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