Five Fab Things – 23rd January 2023

Five fab things Alfie

January 23, 2023


It’s been a while *I keep saying that don’t I?! –  but I’m back with my Five Fab Things post. They are the perfect reminder of all the great things going on, and especially fab for recording un-seen stuff happening behind the scenes in the Button house. Here are my Five Fab Things from this week.




Our very own A-Team

You may have spotted that we are having a loft conversion done! Yassss!!!! And, I cannot believe I’m saying this, but the building work has nearly finished… already! The house is a little bit quieter, while the roofers are doing their thing, and in the lulls of peace, I can’t help grinning from ear to ear. Because without a doubt, we’ve had the actual A-Team working on our loft.




I don’t have a pic (yet!), but in this gap should be a photo of Charlie (PM), Luke (carpenter) and Jake (carpenter) from Sunlight lofts.


From their expertise, undeniable skills in their own areas, to their patience and banter, they have each made the experience of having a loft conversion an absolute pleasure. And, we cannot recommend them enough.


Having any big building project on the go is dirty business, and usually pretty stressful. But, we’ve laughed, chatted over coffee’s, talked gaming, had pizza (Little Button tried to feed Luke pancakes!), and the guys even built a snowman when it snowed. We’ve said it every day to ourselves, how lucky we have been to have them, our very own A-Team. Thank you SO much Charlie, Luke and Jake!


I’ve got a whole heap of posts (coming soon) on our loft. Which might be of extra interest if you are going to be building yourself, or looking at reviews of Sunlight lofts.



Alfie’s got his spring back!

Poor old Alfie has been pretty poorly these last few weeks. After an operation to fix-him-back-up, and a few worrying (*absolutely blooming horrendous) nights of listening to him crying himself to sleep #sadface – he’s now made pretty much a full recovery. Phew! He’s got his kangaroo spring back, and has been chasing squirrels out of the garden, as well as playing a weird ‘stare out’ competition with the chameleon’s on Love Island.


Five fab things Alfie



So sweet

Our lovely friend and fellow author, Heather from Shank you very much, did the most amazing thing and showered us with sweet treats (and a gorgeous jumper for Alfie) all the way from the USA. Thank you so much Heather! We’ve been having a blast trying out all the different boxes and pouches. We’ve not got through them all yet, but the special edition M&M’s and Nerd clusters are SO so so good!!! #sugarRUSH


Five fab things sweets




An author event

I’m so excited to have an up coming author event. Dates (February) to be confirmed, but I’ll be there ready to sign book copies and read Me, in the Middle. *I’ll be the shy one, hiding behind my book – so please do come say hi 🙂 *It’s top secret at the moment, but as soon as I have the wink, I’ll share all the details.



A quote to remember


Five fab things quote


Never let anyone dull your sparkle – @joyfulnessupply




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