Frog-Like Cucumber, Rat-Shaped Brinjal: Animal Food Art Leaves Internet Divided

Frog-Like Cucumber, Rat-Shaped Brinjal: Animal Food Art Leaves Internet Divided

Mothers and grandmothers always run after children in order to feed them nutritious vegetables. As kids, we all have dodged the idea of having greens on our plates. Much agreeable? You cannot really blame the children for this. Although vegetables are loaded with healthy nutrients, most of them hardly seem as appealing as pizzas and burgers. But, a viral video has given a hilarious touch to the vegetables, making them attractive like never before. Wondering how? Just by shaping them into various animals. A Twitter user shared the clip which has captured the interest of the internet. 

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The video opens with a man roasting a cucumber, which was shaped like a frog, on a barbeque charcoal grill. Next, we have a brinjal which has been quite artistically shaped into a shark. A sheep which was designed out of a cauliflower, and some greens and remains of a carrot were used to add the remaining features. Also, a smaller version of brinjal was used to make a rat. “Food art,” the Twitter user captioned the clip. Watch here: 

While many were impressed with the artistic vegetables, some pointed out their dislike for the rat-shaped brinjal. 

Most people went “OMG” on the “brilliant” food art. 

“I would never eat the rat,” a user wrote. 


Another termed the rat-shaped brinjal “a gastronomical challenge.”


Some were even excited to try out the food art in their “next barbeque session.”


One of the users was reminded of their “physiolab.”

What are your thoughts on this animal food art? Would you give it a try?

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