Soon after Albert was found in September the family who adopted setter Lord from us 2 years ago, decided to take Albert as well. After long waiting we finally managed to book him a ticket on the bus of Thompson Pet Travel and he will leave next week to the UK.

Not only was a lot of (new) paperwork involved but also this way of transport is a lot more expensive then a flight ticket. But to the UK there is no other way to do it.

In this case we are talking big money: the ticket for the bus, the fee for importing a dog to the UK and… Albert needs to be brought to Igoumenitsa. All together it will cost us about € 750!

For us the most important thing is to get a dog to his new home, to start a new life, no matter what it costs. And we are very grateful that Nicky, Albert’s new mum, will pay a substantial part of the costs. But there still will be some money left to pay. That and having quite large debts at 2 of the vets on the island puts us in a difficult position. Certainly because we don’t know what this summer will bring, will we have income from tourism again or will it be as bad as last year?

THEREFOR WE ASK FOR YOUR HELP. If you can spare a few euros, please donate it to us so we can pay our vet bills and buy food for our dogs. Every little bit helps.

Thank you.

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