How to make your family garden more eco-friendly

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The world is heating up at an unnatural rate thanks to decades of human gluttony when it comes to energy. But when the big corporations refuse to budge, it’s up to us as individuals to step in and make a positive change to the way we live our lives and help our planet heal.

Your garden is perhaps the most obvious place to start, as it’s already doing a lot of good work simply by existing. With that in mind, here are a few ways you can double down on making your garden as eco-friendly as possible.

Ways you can make your garden as eco-friendly as possible

Keep planting

The more plants and trees you have in your garden, the better. But it will be even more beneficial for the environment if you try to stick to as many native plants as possible. Native plants and trees are native to the UK for a reason – they thrive here. So, while those seeds you bought back from holiday might look exotic on the packet, there’s little chance they will grow well over here because we simply don’t have the climate for it. Instead, focus on wildflowers that are easy to grow and attract bees and butterflies.

Kit out your shed with solar

While investing in solar panels for your home can feel like a major expense, you can start small by installing solar panels on the roof of your shed. This probably won’t require planning permission and can be done DIY style. This can then be hooked up to your outdoor lights and any other appliances you use in the summer months.

Keep a compost bin

Not only does composting help to break down your garden waste and transform it into mulch that can be used again for helping new plants to grow but it can also attract wildlife – anything from earthworms to hedgehogs! We’d always recommend avoiding peat, however, as this can be surprisingly destructive.

red and green tomato fruits - ways to make your garden as eco-friendly as possible

Grow your own food

You don’t need an allotment to grow your own vegetables and herbs, just a small corner of your garden will do. You don’t need much space at all to successfully grow beans, chillis and tomatoes and if you have a greenhouse, you’ll be able to grow them even faster. 

Make homes for wildlife

The wildlife of the UK needs all the help it can get right now and you can do your part by making your garden as habitable as possible to cuddly creatures and insects. Consider cutting a small hole in your fence to make it easier for hedgehogs to gain access and if you’re worried about pests ruining your plants, avoid pesticides and opt instead for natural pest control methods.

Collect rainwater

Water conservation is a major part of making your garden eco-friendly. Consider collecting rainwater to use later to water your plants and even feed your cats and dogs.

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