King Charles’ alleged secret son’s sisters disprove his Royal Family connection claims

King Charles' alleged secret son's sisters disprove his Royal Family connection claims

Two women who claim that they are sisters of King Charles‘ secret son, Simon Dorante-Day, have created a group on Facebook in their bid to disprove their sibling’s claims.

Tracie has alleged that she is Simon‘s potential birth sister, while Amanda has claimed that she is Simon‘s older adoptive sister.

As for Dorante-Day, the 56-year-old has made headlines after claiming that he is the lovechild of King Charles and Queen Consort, Camilla.

However, the two women created a Facebook called ‘The Fake Prince Down Under – The Research’, insisting that Dorante-Day is lying about his connection with the Royal couple.

“In my opinion his main motivation is money but it’s also coupled with a desire to be recognised as someone of importance,” Amanda told the Daily Star.

“I am not willing to say money is his motivation, people can make their own judgement on that.

“But as an adoptee I think he has an image of whom and where he would like to come from – or his bio family to be – and we never fitted this.

“My six million dollar question is why Charles and Camilla?”

Having asked for a DNA test to be taken in order to prove his claim, Dorante-Day alleged that he was with Camilla until he was eight months old. Then he was hidden by his adoptive grandparents who allegedly worked for the Royal Family.

“I’m telling my side of the story simply because my parents and grandparents are not able to and naturally I want to protect their memory,” Amanda added.

“They would be turning in their graves if they knew what he has said about them and/or accused them of and they would also be asking the same question that I and many others have frequently asked, ‘Why?'”

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