NAR strikes four-year deal to deliver animal services in La Ronge

NAR strikes four-year deal to deliver animal services in La Ronge

“It allows the organization to predict stable funding for future years so that they can actually anticipate and grow and plan.”

The contract calls for NAR to be paid $3,125 per month in 2023 with that amount growing to $3,354 per month in 2026. The rescue group will also be permitted to retain all impound fees, as well as receive 75 per cent of Animal Control Bylaw fees collected by the town.

The town will also provide and pay for insurance, water, heat, electricity, waste removal, and snow removal, for the municipality-owned facility used by NAR, while NAR will provide all necessary equipment, materials, and supplies deemed necessary to carry out the work safely and effectively.

“We really value our relationship with the Town of La Ronge and we do feel they’re really moving in the right direction with their bylaws and animal control in general,” said NAR board member Joanne Dickson.

“We feel like the current administration is really approachable, they are really good to negotiate with and they are just always willing to respond to any concerns and return phone calls. It really is nice to be able to reach out and know we are going to be listened to, we are going to be heard and they are going to respond to all that communication.”

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