Prince Harry’s book is justified as both parents did the same, claims pal

Prince Harry's book is justified as both parents did the same, claims pal

MEGHAN and Harry pal Omid Scobie has claimed the prince was entitled to publish a tell-all biography as both his parents had done the same.

The 41-year old writer penned the couple’s Finding Freedom book when they first quit the monarchy.


Prince Harry’s book is justified because both parents did the same, says pal Omid ScobieCredit: AP

In an online column as royal executive editor for Yahoo News, Scobie claimed Harry’s tome Spare told a “ nuanced and layered story. One with heart as well as fire.”

He added: “Harry has spent most of his life being written and talked about — a spare to the heir whose darkest secrets, regretful moments and struggles have repeatedly been revealed to the world by a press with an insatiable appetite for him and his family.

“Having never been able to share that life in his own words, it was inevitable the prince would want to put pen to paper the moment he stepped back from his role three years ago.

“But this is also a book that, when read in full, paints a sympathetic picture of the family at the heart of this institution.

“One that, in rare private moments, is (kind of) like any other.

“They fight, they’re competitive, they get jealous of each other, they fall out.

“Sure, King Charles may not love for the world to know he used to do home workouts in his underwear, but candid moments like these and others do help humanise a group of people who have all been reduced to caricatures in a very public circus.”

He does admit there are “shocking moments” in Spare.

Scobie says they include claims brother William leaked information in return for “positive coverage or favours”.

He adds, “Camilla sits at the centre of those claims, with surprising details about how her image rehabilitation efforts involved throwing a young Harry to the wolves.

“Though it was difficult for him, he says he now understands that this was not personal and simply part of his role as “the spare” — an easy fall guy to prop up more important family members.”

Scobie accuses the Royal Family of “short-term memory loss” about biographies of both Diana and Charles after their divorce.

He cited Diana’s 1992 book with Andrew Morton, Diana: Her True Story and the Jonathan Dimbleby penned official Charles story.

He went on: “For Charles, the negative response from the British press and public was intense.

“Accused of ferociously attacking his family and disgracing the monarchy, newspaper polls and opinion pieces declared him unfit to be king and some journalists even suggested he should be stripped of his titles.

“Just like his father and mother, Harry is highlighting the impossible challenges and difficulties faced by a family trapped in a gilded cage.”

Scobie says Prince Harry's book gives a vital insight into his life


Scobie says Prince Harry’s book gives a vital insight into his lifeCredit: ITV

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