Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s Vogue Cover Interview In Full: Her Daughter Malti & Life With Nick Jonas

Priyanka Chopra Jonas's Vogue Cover Interview In Full: Her Daughter Malti & Life With Nick Jonas

At this moment, Nick pokes his head in from the kitchen to announce the food has arrived. The edge softens. “Hi, Babu,” she says, sweetly. “What did you get?” One thing about hanging out with the Jonases is that they won’t allow a guest to go hungry. In the first hour of our meeting they’ve offered me tea, water, a charcuterie plate laden with fruit, nuts and meat, more tea, and, finally, a chicken salad and Mediterranean dip, ordered from Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Kitchen. “Gwyneth, take my money,” Chopra Jonas jokes of how often they order from the nearby takeaway spot.

Naturally, Chopra Jonas has professionalised her gift for feeding people as part owner of Sona, a chic Indian eatery that debuted in 2021 in New York City’s Flatiron District. The fledgling restaurateur points out that I’m drinking tea from a cup – painted with green palm trees – that’s part of Sona Home’s first collection. “I didn’t want paisley as a representation of Indian culture. It’s so stereotypical to me that I go in the opposite direction.” Yet food is also one of the aspects of motherhood she’s been struggling with recently. Malti has just begun eating solids, and even though she is now healthy and thriving, her rocky beginnings have left an indelible mark. “The first time she had a solid morsel,” Chopra Jonas says, “she gagged and I thought I’d killed her.” Having the support of her mother and her in-laws, Kevin Sr and Denise Jonas, has been a balm. “They talk me through a lot of this. Like, ‘They’re gonna gag. It’s normal.’ But because I’m a NICU mommy, the stakes are so high,” she says. “And I have to shed that. I will,” she promises, her take-charge attitude returning.

Malti starts to stir on the iPad monitor. “I’ll go up really quickly, if you don’t mind,” she says. She returns a few minutes later with her baby, who’s wearing all black except for the cream-coloured headband bow on her downy head, and an armful of toys and books. Malti’s face, which has been mostly obscured in the few photographs Chopra Jonas has publicly shared of her, looks a lot like her father’s, but in miniature. “Most people say she looks like Nick,” Chopra Jonas confirms. “I don’t believe it,” she says, with a laugh. With her baby in her arms, Priyanka is a different person – softer, less guarded. She takes me over to the white marble mandir, or temple, on the far side of the living room, which sits across from their towering Christmas tree, shimmering in shades of silver and ruby red. With Shiva at its centre, this mandir is the first place Priyanka and Nick led Malti after bringing her home from the hospital. Saying their prayers with their daughter remains a nightly ritual. 

Aside from the occasional date night and travel – they went to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico for Priyanka’s 40th birthday and Arizona to golf for Nick’s 30th, celebrations they planned for one another – the star couple reconnects through another ritual called “show and tell”, which began on their honeymoon. Although it sounds risqué, the game is more a “getting to know you” exercise. “We did go zero to 60,” Chopra Jonas admits, about their notoriously brief two-month courtship that resulted in a multiday, multi-event wedding in Mumbai and Jodhpur less than seven months later. “We didn’t know each other’s careers before we met. Like, didn’t know them well. So we do a show and tell once in a while and share random things that we’ve done to show the other person what we were like when we were younger,” she reveals.

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