Royal Family LIVE: Meghan Markle sparks fears she may ‘trash the Royal Family’ with blog | Royal | News

Royal Family LIVE: Meghan Markle sparks fears she may 'trash the Royal Family' with blog | Royal | News

The Duchess of Sussex’s reported plans to revive her lifestyle blog has been described as a “real worry” by a royal commentator. Sophie Elsworth, a media writer at The Australian, claimed reports Meghan will relaunch her blog, The Tig, is “raising eyebrows” she will “trash” the Firm. Appearing on Sky News Australia’s The Bolt Report, Ms Elsworth said: “I’m only going on the reports that I have read, but it’s raising eyebrows, if it is true it’s interesting, it’s apparently her passion project to talk about conscious living, she is going to talk about relationships, family relationships – she has got plenty to talk about there because she has fallen out with all of her family. Is it true?

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“That remains to be seen. If she does go back down this path I think it’s a real worry, because goodness knows what she will say to continue to trash the Royal Family.” Meghan reportedly got official preliminary approval to revive the website she launched in 2014 and bowed out from before getting married to Prince Harry. Details filed with the US Trademark and Patent Office suggested Meghan’s side would offer tips on food, travel, arts, wellness and, among other things, a “commentary in the field of personal relationships”.


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