The surprising physical change of Manny, Sofia Vergara’s son in ‘Modern Family’

The surprising physical change of Manny, Sofia Vergara's son in 'Modern Family'

On September 23, 2009, the sitcom ‘Modern Family’, centered on the lives of a family in Los Angeles, premiered on ABC. Among its protagonists was a boy, played by Rico Rodriguez, who got his first big role of Manny when he was only 11 years old. He was the adorable son of Gloria, played by Sofia Vergara.

After 11 seasons and 11 years on the air, ‘Modern Family’ said goodbye forever in 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic was just beginning to wreak havoc worldwide. By then, Rico Rodriguez was already 22 years old and on July 31, 2023, he will turn 25. Long gone are the days when he looked like a child.

Currently, the American actor of Mexican descent maintains a lower profile on television. In fact, he has barely been seen in events, as well as in different productions.

However, he has been very active on social media, where he often shares his reunions with former colleagues from the comedy series. Moreover, he has a close relationship with Sofa Vergara, his mother in the show, and with Nolan Gould and Ariel Winter, who played his cousins Luke and Alex respectively.

How was his career and what awards did he win?

Her career took off in 2006 in the short film ‘Los Tamales’ and had small appearances in series like ‘Nip/Tuck’, ‘My Name is Earl’, ‘NCIS’, ‘iCarly’ or ‘ER’. Thanks to his rise to fame with ‘Modern Family’, Rico Rodriguez got roles in movies and was seen in films like ‘The Muppets’. Before that, he worked in the comedy ‘Epic Movie’.

Despite all this, it was with the ABC sitcom that he achieved fame and, in fact, he and his co-stars won the Screen Actors Guild Award as the best cast in a television series for four years in a row.

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