Travel Essentials You Should Always Pack

Travel Essentials You Should Always Pack

In our normal season of life, I’m packing a suitcase at least once a month. Whether we are traveling somewhere nearby or heading somewhere by plane- I always seem to be packing and unpacking my suitcase. And over the past few years I’ve come to discover 11 travel essentials you should always pack when traveling near or far!

  1. Packing Cubes :: I’ve purchased 5 different types of packing cubes and found these are my favorite. I like how they are more long and flat, rather than short and deep. I can see everything in them by simply glancing- if my cube is 3-4 layers deep then I still have to kind of ‘dig’ through them. Each member of our family has their own color so we can easily find our clothes, even if we end up packing in one bag.
  2. Scented Dryer Sheets :: Pack a few scented dryer sheetss in your suitcase. They take up no space at all, but help absorb any scents your clothing may put off. I personally love lavender scented ones. And they leave your clothes with a subtle, freshly-cleaned scent.
  3. A Portable Charger :: I keep this charger in my purse or diaper bag at all times. It can charge multiple items.
  4. Ziplock Bags :: You never know when you might need a ziplock bag! I traditionally pack a handful of gallon sized bags. I’ve used them for dirty/wet clothes, packing food for the day, and so many random reasons!
  5. A Mini Steamer :: This one is incredibly light, decently small, heats up super fast, and is safe on most fabrics!
  1. A Medicine Gag :: I like to keep a handful of essentials with me at all times, just in case! Think medicine {even basics you might not need at the moment, but might if an issue arises}, thermometer, bandaids, etc. I ordered these bags, so I have a proper bag full of my just-in-case medicine and smaller grab-and-go bags for walking around {think bandaids, a couple Tylenol, etc}. I bought this set of bags and use them for everything from organizing my medicine to organizing my diaper bag.
  2. Safety Pins :: You never when you might need them to hold up a zipper, close bags, fix a hem, hold curtains together, etc. The options are endless and these take up practically no space in your suitcase. I have this set for home and pack a couple of each size into the smallest bag here {I also pack bandaids in this bag & carry them with me in my purse!}
  3. Wet wipes :: Years ago my mom taught me to wipe down airplane seats, hotel remotes and other items when we travel. I’d rather be safe than sorry! I carry one of these little travel pouches with me everywhere.
  4. A scarf/pashmina :: I like to pack a scarf or pashmina that is large enough to be used as a light blanket or jacket on cooler summer evenings {or on the airplane} or can be used as a proper scarf in fall/winter. They are also great for adding a bit more coverage when heading into religious buildings that require more covering up.
  5. Liquid IV :: Traveling is dehydrating. And dehydration can cause headaches, sleepiness, irritability and more. I always pack a handful of Liquid IV packets in my bag so we stay hydrated. One packet makes one water bottle as hydrating as 2-3 water bottles. My favorite is the Acai Berry, Caleb’s favorite is the Passion Fruit, and my father loves the Lemon Lime. They also have an energy & sleep version that are great for big time changes!
  6. Thank You Cards :: You never know when you might want to write a thank you card! And if I don’t do it while on the trip, it usually doesn’t happen when I get home. They take 5 minutes to write & leave an impression!

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