Valentine’s Day Gift Guide & Creative Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine's Day Gift Guide & Creative Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I love the idea of gifts that are indulgent, yet useful. So I’ve created a list of items I already own/have purchased and would be thrilled to receive myself! Below you will find an easy Valentine’s Day gift guide & a few creative Valentine’s Day date ideas!

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

  • Cozy PJs :: 5 years ago I finally upgraded my pajamas from college t-shirts to these and never looked back. If you want to splurge, these are incredible {try the code ChloeBArnold40}. I have them in both the pants/long sleeve and shorts/short sleeve versions. If looking something a bit more budget friendly, the solid colored {not the colorful print ones} are really comfortable. I own multiple of both brands.
  • Skin care :: There is something so soothing about having a morning/nightly routine. If I were to start over- my top must have skin care items for winter would be this moisturizer, this eye cream, and this exfoliant.
  • Chocolate :: This may be a cliché, but it’s a cliché for a reason. For years See’s was our go-to chocolate- they have so many different types and you can customize your box to your exact liking {which is perfect since I love dark chocolate and Caleb prefers milk}. Then, a few years ago Caleb & I discovered Maison du Chocolat. Their champagne truffles and dark truffles are what dreams are made of- they are so luxurious! Now we alternate between the two brands.
  • New bedding :: Did you know you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping? When you recognize how much time you spend in bed, it’s so much easier to justify splurging on these sheets. Yes they are pricy, but I can’t tell you how incredibly comfortable they are in real life. We started with these sheets 2 years ago, then added these silk pillow cases, then just upgraded to this duvet cover last month. {try the code ChloeBArnold40}
  • Locket :: I received this Monica Rich Kosann locket 3.5 years ago and love it even more today than I did when I first got it. It holds pictures of my favorite people, looks stunning & for some reason both my boys love touching it and looking at the pictures inside. It’s now just as sentimental of a piece as it is valuable.
  • Diamonds :: I have 4 necklaces that I constantly switch between. My locket, my silver Brilliant Earth bezel diamond, my gold Aurate bezel diamond and my Aurate connection necklace. Diamonds are a classic that will never go out of style and are always worth the investment!
  • Cashmere Sweater :: I love this sweater so much, I own it in 4 colors. It can be worn backwards or forwards, buttoned or unbuttoned, over the shoulders or traditional- so it’s incredibly versatile. I have my eye on a couple other colors as well.
  • Candles :: A scent really sets the tone for a room. This has been my favorite scent for year, but I also love this one and this one.

Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas

  • Wine Tasting :: If there isn’t a wine tasting location nearby, do an at home testing night! Either pick out a few smaller bottles at local store or order an at-home wine tasting set!
  • Go to a Comedy Club :: We love laughing together. If you can’t go to a comedy club, see if you can watch one online.
  • Take a Cooking Class :: Many restaurants and stores offer in-person cooking classes, but you can also stream some online. Try cooking some thing new together!
  • Have a Picnic :: Grab a basket, some cheese, some sandwiches, wine or whatever you want and go somewhere to enjoy a picnic. We love finding spots with a pretty view or simply some open space.
  • Take a Dance Class :: How fun would it be to learn to salsa dance together?! I’ve also been wanting to take ballroom lessons with Caleb for years. I learned a bit of it in cotillions, but hardly remember any of it. I love the idea of learning to dance together!
  • Plan a trip :: I LOVE planning trips! I really feel like the enjoyment of the trip begins the moment you start planning! Even if you don’t have flights booked, start planning details- where you want to go, what you want to see, where you want to eat, etc. It’s so fun to begin imagining your adventure!

What would you add to this list?

Photo by Magda at Katie Donnelly Photography

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